This was my dad, but not really.  It is a great picture of him, because he appears to be toasting with somebody behind the lens – with you.  But he never really liked to drink, so it doesn’t really depict the real him that whose of us who remember him knew. […]

My Old Man

I despise you, facebook.
Read this lengthy but important article from the New York Times: Inside Facebook’s (Totally Insane, Unintentionally Gigantic, Hyperpartisan) Political Media Machine.  Now ask yourself: how is it possible to take people off the ride?

Facebook Effing w Political Discussion

The New York Times published a rather important infographic last week that should be re-linked many times over for your edification: This is Your life, Brought to You by Private Equity Did you read it?  No?  It’s brief, has lots of illustrations, and it’s good for you.  

This is Everything, Brought to you by Private Equity

The boy jerk
My mother called me at lunch time to advise that she purchased a copy of The Giving Tree for my little girl.  I thanked her, reminded her that the story was incredibly touching, hung up the phone, and quietly wept for about five minutes thinking about the book.  I have […]

The Weepy Sentimentalist

This is as much a welcome to me as it is to you.  We have been out of this relationship for about a decade (as long as we had previously been in our relationship, random passers-by readers and me).  During the hiatus, I married and had a (superbly awesome) little […]

Welcome Back!