Welcome Back!

imageThis is as much a welcome to me as it is to you.  We have been out of this relationship for about a decade (as long as we had previously been in our relationship, random passers-by readers and me).  During the hiatus, I married and had a (superbly awesome) little daughter who is now sleeping through the night and basically charming the hell out of me with her ever utterance.  I also got serious about my legal career (which, admittedly, I used to passionately hate), and have been honing my professional skills to mold myself into a cost-effective (ha-ha) but also effective-effective civil defense attorney defending doctors, contractors, and all manner of other types of professional.


I continue to reside in South Florida which, since our last chat online, has become an even stranger place to live, work and raise a child.


It is my intent with this site to resume an old familiar forum.  Besides the newness of married life and the demands of my career, I believe a big hangup that had been preventing me from continuing my site was social media.  I speak, of course, about the informational behemoth that is facebook, where I faithfully posted about a decade’s worth of pictures, laments, political arguments, musical tracks currently playing, and a host of other shouts into a hive of friends and facebook friends and friends I met one time, liked, and subsequently “friended.”  It became easy and addictive to put a few thoughts onto facebook evey couple hours, check the random musings of others, and feel a druglike rush whenever my posts were “liked” by my peers or the occasional stranger.


When I got into facebook, I knew that I would lose interest in the website, and, really, I knew that it was like cake whereas posting on a website – completing actual thoughts in a coherent planned manner, was more like vegetables.  Facebook is to writing like facebook, and the internet, has become to reading.  We are becoming accustomed to receiving little packets of interesting information, and not necessarily completing the healthy exercise of doing the legwork of truly learning a subject, researching an issue, or completing a thought so that people can understand and be understood.  I will have more bloviations on facebook and the importance of meaningful production over mindless consumption in another post I am drafting on the side.


I don’t know where I’m going with this, and I intend to find the better entries from the old classic madpercolator.com from my rambunctious twenties and post them here.  I intend to post a little fiction – short snippets of an idea I am mulling that should read in quick, 5 minute blasts.  I intend to air my grievances with the current state of politics and culture in this country and the world, and I intend to propose moral rules and rules of engagement between people.  I intend this last part not because I think I have any right to suggest to you how you should live, but because I want to convey how carefully I nerd out over issues like the terms of my social contract with the rest of the world and the individuals populating it – above and beyond what ordinances, statutes, federal laws, religious tenets and mores dictate.


There will also be some observations on legal and justice issues because of the nature of my job, and because I have this nagging belief that somebody coming across this website might find it interesting.


There will be de-minimis “mommy blogging,” but I make no guarantees that this site will completely forego parenting tales because I happen to think my kid is really kickass.


I am highly looking forward to our contniued adventures together, internet.



Mad Percolator

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