Facebook Effing w Political Discussion

I despise you, facebook.

I despise you, facebook.

Read this lengthy but important article from the New York Times: Inside Facebook’s (Totally Insane, Unintentionally Gigantic, Hyperpartisan) Political Media Machine.  Now ask yourself: how is it possible to take people off the ride?

You SHOULD be freaked out!  And confused about what kind of productive conclusions should be drawn from the information revealed in the above-linked article.

People are making insane amounts of money with political clickbait!  To the tune of like $60k a month.  So the entrepreneur running the facebook-based click business is motivated by ridiculously easy financial gain to:

(A) Post as much as possible;

(B) Post as quickly as possible; and

(C) Make the headline and lede as irresistible as possible;

(D) Camouflage the page as best as possible to appear either original and/or authoritative.

Remember the articles years ago linking the weird positive feedback users of email received every time they received and email and modifications to the brain’s chemistry (using the same endorphins and chemicals involved in addiction related behaviors) that would subconsciously manipulate the user to constantly check email?  The political clickbait fiasco unfolding on facebook is akin to the same kind of profit-driven hijacking of the government, only the discourse itself has been hijacked.

So, how do you motivate people to work harder than the glance – first impression – kneejerk response cycle that’s become the norm?!

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