The Personal Ethics Syllabus

With the arrival of the New Year and the concomitant stabilization of my grief into something containable, I decided to organize my thoughts for this site (lucky you!) into monthly syllabi that I can always revisit in subsequent months.

January (the born-on-date of this post) is for the personal ethics syllabus, because some work on the topic will hopefully open up an understanding about how the rules would apply to my subsequent writing here. Because this is written (and unquestionably cached on search engines and, it can serve as a kind of contract applicable to any discussions or analysis of intent later on if we lose our way or decide we want to modify some things.

The first part is The Rule of Standing, which is a filter through which I will run all of my writing on this site.  For the reasons discussed in the post, the Rule will obviously be subject to future modification.  I also happen to believe this Rule should apply universally outside of just online and written discussion.

The next part is my very infant fumbling with the question of How Free is Your Free Will and How Can you Tell?  Because part of this site will explore and evaluate the concept of the Social Contract and contracts require Agency.  I think all the glittering things out there are really distorting our perception of out agency.

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