About Mad Percolator

Mad Percolator is foremost a fictional creation based (very loosely) on a real person living in South Florida who is an attorney, married to an architect, mother to a daughter.  Mad Percolator is an avid reader, remembers how to play at least three chords on the guitar, follows current events with trepidation, and used to fancy herself a writer who does other professoinal gigs (like the practice of law) on the side.


We should also discuss this space.  This website shall contain the writings of Mad Percolator and welcome dialogue via comments with passers by who may wish to comment, discuss, debate or berate the author for the viewpoints expressed herein.  Under no conditions whatsoever are any of these viewpoints to be construed against her in any kind of professional setting.  Readers are expressly discouraged from relating the opinions contained herein to any real-world viewpoints expressed by the female whose likeness is depicted in the graphic.  Mad Percolator will discuss the nature of this website as a forum and public space in another post.