Eleven Rules

image1. I communicate clearly, conscientiously and optimistically with others.
2. My mind controls any pain or fatigue my body experiences and I am thereby able to push myself farther.
3. I am not a vengeful person.
4. I am cautious and moderate in all things with rare exception for learning from experience and circumstances.
5. I will be brave in asserting my understanding of the difference between right and wrong.
6. I act swiftly and intelligently in the face of adversity.
7. I am an incredibly powerful individual.
8. I am a warm, kind and forgiving person.
9. I win the respect and deference of others through my actions.
10. I work hard to both prevent and correct my errors and omissions.
11. In completing a task or accomplishing a goal, I
(a) visualize the positive steps I have already taken; and
(b) visualize myself having completed the task or goal.

“The most illuminating way to perceive the shoddiness of your own ideals is to witness someone else practicing them.”

William T. Vollmann

Without waiver of any objections to the arrogance of the project, I decided while in high school to try to pin down my very own ten commandments of what seems to be to be important in my personal morals and the way my individual self interacts with the rest of the world.  I got to college and immediately became acquainted with Jean Jacques Rousseau and his social contract, which resulted in the further distillation and refinement of my personal commandments.

The commandments reached their current form following review of William T. Vollmann’s guide on how to form a moral code.  his guidance on the subject appears in numbered list below:

  1. Follow your own inner logic and feeling in order to postualte laws of conduct which seem to you good;
  2. Follow those laws if they correspond to local norms, and reconsider them if they violate those norms; but
  3. Above all, choose the right regardless of local authority or custom, and act accordingly, with due regard to: {First Law of Violent Action – Assume any potential victim of your violence to be as worthy of self-preservation as yourself, util that assumption has been disproven by the remainder of your moral calculus}
  4. Follow the Golden Rule wherever possible.  And give it the most generous-possible interpretation.

The undersigned reserves the right to amend the above eleven rules as needs fit without prior notice of the user-reader.